CISAK 2016 Essay Competition


This year’s theme is centered around the issues which the newly elected government are committing to solve within their tenure in order to improve Indonesia in many aspects.
Those interested in writing within the scope of the following topics (click for further explanation) are invited to submit their writings by following the guidelines.

The Conference of Indonesian Students Association in South Korea (CISAK2016) is pleased to announce for essay competition. Nowadays, one of the major projects of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is the establishment of an ASEAN Economic Community, which aims to integrate Southeast Asia’s diverse economies, a region with 600 million people and a combined gross domestic product of $2.4 trillion. Within Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the largest economy, has the largest population size and the largest land area. With more than 250 million inhabitants, Indonesia accounts for nearly 42% of the total within the ASEAN market. This indicates that Indonesia has potentially a huge market. However, the main problem of Indonesia is that the country does not have a well-developed manufacturing industry, low economic growth, and many social problems. Furthermore, Indonesian students have important key to keep and resilience of Indonesia in ASEAN Economic Community. Students are the next generation which hopefully can bring Indonesia into a stable country in many aspects. In this essay competition, give your optimistic ideas and opportunity of Indonesian students for our nation “Indonesia”.