Guidance of Submitting an Essay

  1. Go to
  2. Please select “Make Submission” in Authors as follows:essay1
  3. Please fill your submission information through all columns.
  4. In the Password section, create a password for your submission. Please remember this password as this password will be used in the future for uploading file, checking your essay status, etc.essay2
  5. Please just leave the keyword and abstract column blank in Content section.essay3
  6. In order to complete your submission, please click “Make Submission” Please check your submission information, and make sure that every necessary column is filled out before clicking this button.
  7. After clicking “Make Submission”, you will receive notice as shown below. An email of submission notification will also be sent to the author(s). If you do not find the email, please check the spam folder in your email as the email might be received there.
    Note that you have to remember the submission ID generated. The submission ID will be used along with the password you created to sign in in the future.essay4
  8. Now that you have received the submission ID, you need to upload a doc file which containstitle, author(s) name, essay, and references by clicking the “Upload File” link.essay5
  9. In the Upload File page, you are required to enter your submission ID and password created before to upload your doc file.essay6
  10. After uploading file, your submission procedure is finished successfully. If you want to edit your submission, please do it by clicking “Edit Submission” link. Note that you are also required to re-upload the file by clicking “Upload File” link to edit your submission.essay7