Conference of Indonesian Students Association in South Korea (CISAK) is an annual event that has been held since 2008 by Indonesian Student Society in South Korea (PERPIKA). The main purpose of CISAK is to facilitate Indonesian students who study in South Korea and all around the world, especially Indonesia to interact, discuss, and enhance their knowledge in order to pursue a better future of Indonesia. We also expect that CISAK 2017 can be a media for the participants to build a strong bond, and create opportunities to share and develop brilliant ideas for the realization of a better future of our beloved country, Indonesia.

In 2017, we bring a breakthrough concept in order to celebrate a decade of CISAK. CISAK 2017 will be held by carrying ‘Enhanced of Social Empowerment in Achieving National Resilience through Interdisciplinary Collaboration’ as the main theme. We realize that economy continues to integrate due to globalization, entrepreneurship becomes one of the most important inputs in the economic development of a country. The entrepreneur acts as a trigger to stimulate economic activities by his entrepreneurial decisions. Therefore, in order to celebrate a decade of CISAK, we bring the entrepreneurial spirit in innovative and competitive way in CISAK 2017.

CISAK 2017 is open for Indonesian students, academics and professionals, who live in Korea, Indonesia, and other countries. Furthermore, this event will also involve Indonesian workers in South Korea as participants.

CISAK Conference will be presented by author of the selected papers after peer-review process. The committee will distribute it into two kind of presentations, oral and poster presentations. This distribution will be based on qualitative criteria in the extended abstract selection.

Oral presentations will be given in rooms and grouped by clusters. Speakers present their work one-by-one in a series of short lectures and will be given about 30 minutes to show their slides and discussion, animated by the chair and co-chair of the session.

For Poster presentation, all posters will be installed around the coffee break area. The panels will be identified with a banner showing the ID code of paper. At the time of poster session, the hour of presentation will be prepared for you to show your work to others or to interact with other scientists in your field in a reasonably structured way. All posters also will be installed during the conference so it is open anytime for all people enjoying the poster at out of poster session time.